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Pedestrian Accident Injury

Pedestrian Accident Injury

San Diego Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer

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Pedestrian Accident Injury

Choosing to use the pedestrian, instead of driving on the road is good for the environment and your health. However, if luck is not on your side, you or your loved one may be a part of a pedestrian accident.

Are you the one who daily walks over the streets of busy cities? You might know busy intersections and crossing roads can be highly unsafe. Every year in San Diego, there are lots of pedestrian accidents taking place. Such accidents are caused by distracted drivers that break traffic laws. Most of these accidents lead to serious injuries like lost limbs, broken bones, brain injuries, spine injuries, muscle tears, and other such injuries. Due to this, the victim has to bear the inability to work and substantial medical bills. If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, reach out to our San Diego pedestrian accident injury lawyer by calling at (619)-579-4200 to discuss your case.

Legal rights of the victim after a pedestrian accident

The very first thing you need to do after meeting a pedestrian accident is to get in touch with San Diego Police Department and get medical help for the injuries you are suffering. The police will carry out an investigation and determine whether the person who hit is at fault or not. It includes determining whether the person was distracted, intoxicated, or did not follow traffic rules. It is your right to gain accident reports, so make sure you get them. You are eligible for gaining compensation for the accident, even when criminal charges aren’t filed against the person that hit you.  At Salmu Law Firm, APLC, our lawyers will help you to understand legal rights of the victim in a pedestrian accident.

Types of damages you can recover as the victim in the pedestrian accident case

There are different kinds of compensation you as the victim can be entitled to, which are as follows:

lCompensation for income lost and advantages you would have got otherwise

lCompensation for all medical bills

lCompensation for the enjoyment loss while you are recovering which otherwise you might have done.

When you get in touch with our San Diego pedestrian accident injury lawyer, you will get an thorough understanding of the compensation you, as the victim, can get.

Our San Diego pedestrian accident injury lawyer can assist you

In most pedestrian accident cases, the driver tries their level best to put the blame on the pedestrian. Do not fall into the trap and consider yourself at fault. Drivers need to ensure the safety of pedestrians while driving, as vehicles are more dangerous to pedestrians rather than pedestrians to vehicles. But, proving the fault of the driver and making them responsible for the negligence can be highly challenging, especially when the insurance company is trying to put the blame on you. It is when you will require an aggressive and experienced legal advisor.

Our San Diego pedestrian accident injury lawyer has experience and skills to ensure you do not take the blame and ensure the faulty driver compensates fairly for your injuries. Call us as soon as possible!

Proven Legal expertise with Pedestrian Accident Injury Cases

A good San Diego motorcycle pedestrian lawyer will be of great help in this unfortunate event. You will be able to ensure that you have all the legal support you need. More than just the legal assistance and representation, a professional lawyer will ensure that you have peace of mind as well.

Damages covered due to a pedestrian accident injury:
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Income/employment
  • Compensation for Pain/Stress
  • Property Damage
  • Punitive Damage
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